Math Superstars

Math Superstars is a wonderful enrichment opportunity for students in Grades K-5. The 16 week program is designed to enhance your child’s journey through mathematics, with a fun sense of spirit and competition while learning.

Your child’s grade level has indicated a willingness to participate. The program is for students who identify with challenges and want to be rewarded for their extra effort. Participation in the program is optional.  Prizes will be offered throughout the contest and students who complete a minimum of 10 worksheets will receive special recognition during the program as well as be invited to attend the end of program celebration, where more prizes will be awarded

Please contact Elizabeth Chong if you have any questions., 786-399-1172


Directions to participate:

  1. 1.Click on your grade below to download the worksheet for the week.

  2. 2.Print out the worksheet.

  3. 3.Have your child turn in the completed worksheet to their teacher by the Friday of the print date.

  4. 4.The graders will be given the worksheets to grade.


Click on your grade.

Worksheet 1------------------------October 8, 2013

Worksheet 2------------------------October 15, 2013

Worksheet 3------------------------October 22, 2013

Worksheet 4------------------------October 29, 2013

Worksheet 5------------------------November 5, 2013

Worksheet 6------------------------November 12, 2013

Worksheet 7------------------------November 19, 2013

Worksheet 8------------------------November 26, 2013

Worksheet 9------------------------December 3, 2013

Worksheet 10-----------------------December 10, 2013

Worksheet 11-----------------------December 17, 2013

Worksheet 12-----------------------January 14, 2013

Worksheet 13-----------------------January 21, 2013

Worksheet 14-----------------------January 28, 2013

Worksheet 15-----------------------February 4, 2013

Worksheet 16-----------------------February 11, 2013


(Worksheets are due Fridays)

Parent Information Sheetmath_superstars_files/mathparentinfo.pdf